If you would like release weight ... you must detoxify your body!

Our program incorporates all of the essential facts to obtain and maintain long term weight loss.  Most programs are focused on short term, quick weight loss with a total disregard for long term results.

Most people are completely unaware that our bodies store toxins that we are exposed to every minute of the day.  In inly one week, we are exposed to 82,000 different toxins though the pollution of our air, food, and water.  These toxins become encapsulated in fat that become stored in out fat cells to provide a protective barrier from their damaging effects.

What is the weight release secret? Release the toxins; release the fat.  They must be released as a unit.  When the toxins are released the fat goes with it.

Have you ever dieted only yo find that you gained the weight back and in some cases even gained more weight.  This occurred because you left the toxins behind.  You lost weight and therefore reduced the size of your body, but left behind a higher concentration of toxins.  Your body recognized this situation.  When you went back to eating normally again the body immediately began to manufacture fat to surround the toxins once again to protect you from the damage they can cause.  Unless the toxins are released the "yo-yo" diet phenomenon will continue.

The average weight released int he first week is anywhere from 4 to 11 pounds.  In the following weeks the average person released 1 to 4 pounds per week until the target weight was reached.  By breaking the bonds that keep access fat literally glued to your body, weight release is consistently achieved.  The most common responses we receive from the program are a loss of cravings, increased energy levels, weight release and improved mental clarity.

An improperly functioning nervous system caused by spinal misalignment (subluxations) and hormone imbalances from adrenal gland malfunction may also contribute to weight gain and inhibit its release.  Call for a Free Consultation.

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