Upper Extremity Conditions                      Lower Extremity Conditions

  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                                       Plantar Fasciitis

  Frozen Shoulder                                                      Bunons

  Snapping Scapula                                                    Runners Knee

  Golfer's and Tennis Elbow                                     Sprain Strains

  Sprain Strains                                                           Morton's Neuroma

                                                                                       Osgood Schlatler

Spinal subluxations (misalignments) put pressure on the nerves causing communication interference between the brain and extremity resulting in joint malfunction and eventual instability.  upper extremity problems can result for spinal misalignments in the low neck and/or upper back, and lower extremity problems can result from misalignments in the low back and pelvis.

Conditions we treat:  in addition to misalignments resulting in pain and malfunction of all extremity joints caused by injury or overuse, we also treat these more commonly heard of conditions.

In addition to the more obvious physical cause of extremity malfunction, spinal misalignments also play a significant role in the breakdown of the joint increasing its susceptibility to injury.

Nerves pass through the spine and go to all areas of the body including the extremities.  The nerves send vital information from the brain to all parts of the body to keep it strong and functioning at 100%. 

Extremity adjusting is alternative care to the traditional treatments of western medicine such as drugs, injections and surgery.  Many people are surprised to learn that joint pain, malfunction in the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle or knee can often be helped through proper chiropractic care.

Proper motion is essential for proper function.  When joint function is impaired, there is a reduced range of motion, inflammation, calcium build up and scar tissue.  All of these translate to PAIN.

This can be caused from repetitive motions, overexertion, slips, falls, accidents and spinal misalignments.  Awareness of these types of problems has become more common with terms like "tennis elbow", "runners knee", frozen shoulder", and "carpal tunnel syndrome".

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Dr. Lori was a tremendous help to me when I was experiencing pain in my knee.  I can now walk without any discomfort.  I have had on=going problems with my knee for several years, and the treatment I received from Dr. Lori is remarkable.  It is amazing what healing comes from her treatments.     - Ruth Age 59 -